How to Activate Glo 1.2gb for 200 Naira Data Plan 2018 - 2019

In Nigeria, everyone knows Glo is the cheapest in terms of mobile data prices.

But there is one major problem why we all run away from Glo which is slow network issues, although they have improved overtime if you currently use Glo you will notice it's x2 faster than before.

With that being said,  let's not sway off from the topic which is How to Activate Glo 1.2gb for 200 Naira Data Plan

Meaning with just 200 Naira you can get 1.2gb isn't that just amazing?  Glo is really the grand masters of data

Without wasting time here is the procedures below:

Dial *777# followed by 1 then 1 again then dial 5 finally dial 2 and you'll be given 1.2gb

How to check your Glo data balance
Simply dial *127*0#

NB: This Plan is valid for 3 days.

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