Why you should stay away from free hosting - Top free hosts 2018

A lot of people genuinely want to start up a blog but get stucked along the line, which one of the problem is on the hosting aspect, most of the reasons are not just selecting good web host but lack of insufficient funds to start.

Free web hosting 2018

Before i share with you Top free web hosting i would like to enlighten you what free hosting is supposed to be all about.

The sad truth is, free hosting are supposed to be for testing purposes only, why because if you are thinking or planning of starting a serious website i will advice you to stay far away from free website hosting.

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Its okay to minimize spending, as its a lot of expenses building, designing and maintaning a website you should go for cheap hosting instead; Bluehost does it for me.

What if i tell you most of the websites that offer free hosting are actually not loosing? a lot of this websites looks too good to be true with a lot of juicy promises.

Okay, fine, you fell for it along the line decided to give it a heads up and started creating a website from there host.

Day 1 seems pretty boring, same with day 2 and day 3. (Instances)

One week's passed, things are getting interesting, you done designing and installing plugging s, voom you are now a website owner.

Now listen, before you start any business either online or offline always bear in mind that:

Cost goes before the profit
Meanwhile, Some niche are actually not bad for free hosting, here am talking about using blogspot hosting and customize it to your taste and a TLD domain is a must have.

While there are a lot of trusted free hosting services online, a lot of them comes with several limitations, its free right? lets give it a try!
why? because some of them will wait for you to be getting high traffics, good da/pa before they suspend your account or domain and then sell it off for a lot of bucks.

That is sad right? I have to stop here, i will shine more light to this topic on my next post, without wasting time here are the top 5 free hosting providers i have used/tested before below:

    Top 5 free hosting of 2018

 Award Space have been around for years and have gained trust from there customers, they have free and paid hosting (They are actually offering an autumn sell with 96% discount if you purchase there basic plan as of the time of writing this post) you can give there free hosting a trial

#2 Byethost
Byethost is US based and known for reseller services, they offer 1gb of server space and 50gb bandwidth, they earn from online support

#3 Freehosting.com
 Freehosting.com also offer unlimited bandwidth and 10 gigabytes of server space, while giving them a try be sure to check out there fair usage policy

#4 Infinity free host
Infinity free is powered by ifastpage, a cloud powering solution network.They offer an unlimited free hosting you should give it a try

#5 If you know of any free host worth giving a try, please drop it under the comment section and i will review and add it to the list

NB: All the above listed free hosting comes with a cpanel, email, and  a lot of other features not excluding ftp, if you have any questions or need my help please drop your comments below and i will be happy to help.

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