Glo Data Cheat – Get 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200

This is not actually a cheat but a massive bonus from Glo Network.

What if i tell you, you can get a whopping 5.2GB for just N100, and 10.4GB for only N200 on Glo Network? That's mind blowing right?. Well i have been enjoying it since 2 weeks ago and now i’m about to show you how to get the cheap data plan on your Glo Mobile line so read on.

*How To Get Glo 5.2GB For N100 and 10.4GB For N200
First off, it’s of a great important to let you know that this massive glo data might be Sim selective. If it doesn’t work on a particular Glo SIM, you should try it on another sim it should work.

Migrate to Glo Jollification package by dialing *603#

Log on to your banking app, make a recharge of either N200 or N100 via mobile banking or Top-up using OneCard.

A recharge of N200 should give you 10.4GB while N100 recharge gives you 5.2GB.
How to Check your Glo Data Balance
To check your data balance, dial #122#.

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